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Admin: A quick update
Personalized/Butterfly (from Tonya)
emeraldswan wrote in emerald_design
I wanted to update/clear up a few things regarding this community. Nothing drastic or anything, just a few things to say. :)

1. I am still working on all the requests from the holidays. Anyone who reads my personal journal knows that I broke my thumb, and typing/making graphics is difficult . . . slow going. I will get them done. Please be patient. :)

2. I have gotten several (seriously - like ten) emails lately regarding my opinion of being nominated for awards. See, a while back, I said I would rather not be nominated. I have thought about it and, if there is a fic anyone thinks is deserving of being nominated somewhere, I'll accept it, on one condition: it has to be a new fic. Something that has been written since Jan. 2008 on ONLY, and absolutely no works in progress. Please. Especially not the WIPs I've not updated in ages upon ages.

3. Also, are you guys interested in seeing more fanmixes or themed mixes? Let me know in comments if you are (and suggestions as to subject matter more than welcomed as well).

All right. That's it. :)

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Fanmixes and themed mixes would be fabu!

I'm at a loss as to suggestions at the moment. I'll think on it. :)

I understand. I'm still stunned you posted fic for me today!

I would love to see more fanmixes and themed mixes!


I'd love to see more fanmixes

And I completely understand about the holiday gifting. I hope your thumb is feeling better though.

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