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Fic: Overcast Willow/Angelus FRT 1/1 (For Gabrielle)
Personalized/Butterfly (from Tonya)
emeraldswan wrote in emerald_design
Title: Overcast
Author: Emmy
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Characters: Ensemble, mentions Willow/Angelus
Rating: FRT
Disclaimer: Joss and company own the characters. I do not.
Summary: "You do not notice changes in what is always before you." --Colette
Feedback: Please.
Word Count: 858

Dedication: This story was written for Gabrielle in celebration her birthday. I love you, G. Thank you for being such a wonderful, loyal, beautiful friend. My life would be darker without you.

Further Notes: Very special thanks to Danielle for the extra quick beta. She did a fantastic job. Any remaining mistakes are mine. {{Hugs}}

It seemed like it rained every day now. Before her arrangement with Angelus, Willow had been under the impression that it never . . . well, rarely rained in Southern California. Gazing out the window at the street, Willow couldn't help but notice that it looked as though someone had painted the entire outside world gray. Inside, color still thrived. Home was an odd mixture of warmth and empty black space; her parents were home more than most people thought they were, but even when they were there they were too busy planning the next conference or seminar to notice the bruises she tried to carefully hide - or the way she rarely slept anymore. School was bold and bright and full of a life she no longer felt she knew how to live; she went to class, researched in the library, held Buffy's hand as she continued to moan the loss of her beloved Angel, all the while fighting to hide the evidence of her relationship with his alter ego. The mansion, the only other place she seemed to visit these days, was cold and brooding and welcomed her darkened mood. The mansion took her fear in stride and helped her hide within the shadows until Angelus requested her presence. Then the mansion was streaked red with blood, and the echoes of her screams thrilled the minions and childer within its walls almost as much as the screams of their own victims.

"I'll do it. Whatever it takes. I'll . . . I'll let you have me if you'll stop killing people I love. If you stop turning our classmates. If . . . if you stop attacking Buffy - at least until she's ready to fight you."

It had seemed so easy in her head. The offer, the acceptance of the terms Angelus had whispered in her ear as he held her so close that night in the hall. He would leave them alone, her friends and family. All she had to do was agree to be his. That was it. Jenny was already dead, and so many of their classmates along with her. It was supposed to have been easy. If only she'd known then what she knew now. He hadn't stopped. Not really. He still tormented Buffy, still killed innocent people. She had been so stupid. And now there was no way out. Her shame kept her quiet, and there was no way she would ever (ever) speak to anyone about the things Angelus did to her . . . the things he made her want him to do to her. Some things she didn't mind, after all. It was nice, when his touch was gentle, but he brought more pain than pleasure, and assured her that one day she wouldn't be able to tell the difference - and on that day, she would finally - truly - be his.

Willow slipped on the long sleeved black sweater, making sure the fresh bite mark on her neck was covered. Picking up her backpack, she called out a quick goodbye to her parents before walking out of the door, meeting Xander at the curb. He didn't comment on her appearance, the dark clothes or the fact that it was obvious she had not slept. He merely prattled on about something Cordelia had said, alternating between talking about his girlfriend and Buffy. Willow nodded and responded in all the right places, but her heart wasn't in it. The drizzle that had started as she left her house was beginning to weigh the sweater down. The dark cloth hid it well, but Willow felt every drop of water pulling the material down. Her entire body ached by the time she and Xander reached the school, the burden of her secrets and lies mixing with the gloom of the day. He left her as soon as they reached the courtyard outside of the school's main building, throwing a casual 'see ya' over his shoulder as he rushed to meet up with Cordelia.

Willow turned when she heard her name, and again concentrated on nodding in all the right places as she was told there was a member of the track team she'd be tutoring from now on, in addition to continuing on as Jenny's replacement until a new teacher could be hired. Nodding one final time, Willow murmured a quiet 'okay' before turning and heading to class.

"Oh, and Miss Rosenberg?"

She stopped and turned back. "Yes?"

"Get some sleep. You look horrible."

Willow blinked back the tears that formed instantly in her eyes at his concern, minor as it was. "I'll do my best, sir."

Principal Snyder said nothing else, just stared blankly at her until she turned and continued on her way.

. . .

Willow did not look back.


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Excellent story!

I'm sure Gabrielle will love it.

SQUEEE!!! I love this, hon! It's dark and tragic and just super fab! Thank you so much! You are wonderful!

The way Snyder is the only one to notice Willow's condition is so affecting...


Thank you. I'm thrilled you like it! The bit with Snyder actually got to me, made me sad, and I wrote it. The sadness of it . . . the utter despair that encounter would leave Willow feeling, it struck me very deeply for some reason. Anyway. I'm glad you enjoyed this. I'll stop babbling and go upload it to my site now. :)

That reminds me...I need to go upload MY fic...eep!


Wow! Gorgeous ficlet!
Its sadness was palpable as it was Willow solitude (?) and unhappiness especially because her friends.

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