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Doctor Who Journal Sets
Personalized/Butterfly (from Tonya)
emeraldswan wrote in emerald_design
{2} Journal Sets
{1} Tenth Doctor
{1) Martha Jones

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*Do not repost as your own.

SPOILER WARNING: Both of the images I used are from the series 4 finale. If you've seen the episode, then you'll probably figure out how they're spoilery. Otherwise . . . well, they're really not. They convey emotion, not plot. However, if you consider any images at all to be spoilers, DO NOT CLICK the cut below.

The Doctor:



Martha Jones:



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While I am certainly not a Doctor Who fan, these are very well done! Brava!


These are both great. If I hadn't just put up a new Capt Jack layout...

You have a Jack layout? *runs to look* Oh my. He's a very pretty man. Love that picture on the far left. Wow.

And thank you. I'll be using the Martha one myself the next time I change mine up. Did you get all caught up on Youtube? I watched Midnight and Turn Left last night. Midnight was creepy. Twilight Zone-ish.

Carla made it for me for More Joy Day. And yes he is...She asked if it was okay if it wasn't in character and really...as you said very pretty man doesn't really matter what he's wearing. :)

Kind of sad that I had to ban Jonathon from googling him anymore. The man overshares in interviews and this morning I had the lovely wake up of "Shann, what's cock and circumcise mean?"

I did catch up. Watched them all that night because the cat wouldn't get off the couch. I'll still watch when they air on TV because it's still better on a full size screen but yeah. I wasn't fond of Turn Left but then I'm not a fan of Donna so all Donna was a bit much. And I liked the finale...I seem to be in the minority but I liked it.

What was it you said the other day? He doesn't have the filter most people have? I feel a little sorry for his publicist.

I liked the finale, too. I thought bits of it were written specifically to please certain fans, but I did like it. :)

Do you have time to beta a Harry/Hermione I've had sitting on my hard drive for months? (Almost a year, I think. . .) I'm not in a hurry to get it back. I just want to post it to make writing it less a waste of time, you know?

Yeah, no filter on what he says as far as I can tell. I mean I saw an interview that was kind of over sharing too but it was in a gay magazine so probably not thinking kids would see but this was just an interview in an entertainment one...and being that he's on DW kids will see his stuff now...

Yeah, some stuff was sort of 'the fans want it' type stuff but it wasn't bad. If it was I would never have made it until 3am...

Sure, at least assuming it's not a novel or anything. If you send it tonight I'll do it tomorrow...if you send it later than tomorrow it may be next week since the boys will be back again tomorrow night.

What's your email address? I didn't have time to transfer my address book before earthlink was cut off, so I lost everyone. :(

Umm...right now shannon_prano@sbcglobal.net (I may lose it when we move though, or it may change to @yahoo.com) or you can use shannon730@gmail.com I check both all the time because LJ comments come to the gmail one.

*siddles up to Ten icon, makes sure no-one's looking, then snaffles it away*


Glad I can give you a laugh. How's you?

I'm good. Tired today, but good. How 'bout you?

i am used to be spoiled so I watched them and they are both great!

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