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Graphics: Icons, Stock headers
Personalized/Butterfly (from Tonya)
Mixed bag of graphics that I managed to rescue from my old laptop before it died . . .

{4} CSI: NY
{2} Ren and Stimpy
{5} Stock icons
{2} Stock headers (butterflies)

As always, comment, credit, don't hotlink, and don't claim as your own/repost. Thanks. :)

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Admin: A quick update
Personalized/Butterfly (from Tonya)
I wanted to update/clear up a few things regarding this community. Nothing drastic or anything, just a few things to say. :)

1. I am still working on all the requests from the holidays. Anyone who reads my personal journal knows that I broke my thumb, and typing/making graphics is difficult . . . slow going. I will get them done. Please be patient. :)

2. I have gotten several (seriously - like ten) emails lately regarding my opinion of being nominated for awards. See, a while back, I said I would rather not be nominated. I have thought about it and, if there is a fic anyone thinks is deserving of being nominated somewhere, I'll accept it, on one condition: it has to be a new fic. Something that has been written since Jan. 2008 on ONLY, and absolutely no works in progress. Please. Especially not the WIPs I've not updated in ages upon ages.

3. Also, are you guys interested in seeing more fanmixes or themed mixes? Let me know in comments if you are (and suggestions as to subject matter more than welcomed as well).

All right. That's it. :)

Fic: Overcast Willow/Angelus FRT 1/1 (For Gabrielle)
Personalized/Butterfly (from Tonya)
Title: Overcast
Author: Emmy
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Characters: Ensemble, mentions Willow/Angelus
Rating: FRT
Disclaimer: Joss and company own the characters. I do not.
Summary: "You do not notice changes in what is always before you." --Colette
Feedback: Please.
Word Count: 858

Dedication: This story was written for Gabrielle in celebration her birthday. I love you, G. Thank you for being such a wonderful, loyal, beautiful friend. My life would be darker without you.

Further Notes: Very special thanks to Danielle for the extra quick beta. She did a fantastic job. Any remaining mistakes are mine. {{Hugs}}

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Graphics: Headers
Personalized/Butterfly (from Tonya)
Four Headers

*2 Illyria (Variations of the same photo)
*2 Kurt Halsey

Please Don't Hotlink
Please Don't Repost as your own
Please Credit
Please Comment

NOTE: Please credit Kurt Halsey for his artwork even if you don't credit me for the customization.

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Graphics Post: Icons - Multi-fandom
Personalized/Butterfly (from Tonya)
{33} icons total, multi-fandom (BtVS, AtS, Doctor Who, Torchwood, NCIS, Bones, and Tin Man - plus a few cast photos thown in.)

*Don't Hotlink.
*Don't repost as your own.

SPOILER WARNING: The Doctor Who and Torchwood icons contain images from the finales of both shows. Aside from casting spoilers, there are a couple significant plot points portrayed in the icons. View at your own risk. (I did place them last, fyi.)

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Doctor Who Journal Sets
Personalized/Butterfly (from Tonya)
{2} Journal Sets
{1} Tenth Doctor
{1) Martha Jones

*No Hotlinking
*Do not repost as your own.

SPOILER WARNING: Both of the images I used are from the series 4 finale. If you've seen the episode, then you'll probably figure out how they're spoilery. Otherwise . . . well, they're really not. They convey emotion, not plot. However, if you consider any images at all to be spoilers, DO NOT CLICK the cut below.

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Graphics Post: Icons and Journal Sets
Personalized/Butterfly (from Tonya)
[3] Journal Sets
[5] Icons



note: this batch has a very strong angel/willow vibe.

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You wanna Affiliate with this community?
Personalized/Butterfly (from Tonya)
Wanted: Affiliates!

Leave a comment here with a link and preferably a button and consider yourself affliated. All I ask in return is that you link back to me using one of the buttons below.

Offsite Fic Sites welcome as well!

My buttons:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket (for graphics/fic on live journal affiliation.)

And . . .Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket (for graphics/fic outside live journal)

Graphics Dump: {{LJ Sets - Stock, Non-Fandom; 4 sets}} and {{multi-fandom and stock icons}}
Personalized/Butterfly (from Tonya)
{4} LJ sets
{26} Multi-fandom and stock icons (I think that #'s right. . .)

*Credit emeraldswan or emerald_design; if you have an Insane Journal, and use anything there, please credit me as i_am_mary. Thank you.
*Don't hotlink. It's stealing.
*Don't repost.
*Textless icons ARE NOT bases.
*Comments are love.

Friends Only Banners will be made upon request only. Personalization upon request, also.

This post is not dial up friendly, just FYI.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Admin: Graphics Request Thread
Personalized/Butterfly (from Tonya)
I am taking requests for graphics. Wallpapers, lj sets, icons, fic banners, whatever. Time and talent permitting, I'll fill as many as I can. :)

Please c/p this into your comment and fill in the info needed.

Your username:
Name you like on your personalized items:
Request (person, movie, song, pairing, etc.):
*Links to specific images you want used:
*Link to story, if you want a fic banner:
Any other specifications, such as size for wallpapers or lj headers:
*Will you need coding if you're requesting a lj set?

*'s: 1) If you don't provide me with links, I'll just choose for you. 2) However, if you want a fic banner, it would be nice to have a link to the fic you want the banner for. *grins* 3) As for coding, I can do basic coding. Take a look at my personal journals {{I Am Mary}} at insane journal, emeraldswan, and - of course - emerald_design for examples. But, the themes I have coding for include Component, Flexible Squares, The Boxer, Tranquility II, and Smooth Sailing. If you want something really snazzy I'm sure we could work something out. :)

EDIT: Requests are currently closed. I'll "reopen" after Nano and the Holidays. :)


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